PM 22-08-05: Recipient Ledger Inquiry (PF6/F6)

WAG 22-08-05.

The recipient ledger provides payment information in all categories for the past 15-month period. The ledger information is for both active and canceled cases.

The following payment information is available on the ledger:

  • warrant (cash benefit);
  • SMIB Buy-in;
  • direct pay for child support;
  • vendor payments via C-13 Invoice Voucher;
  • refund and recovery;
  • trust funds;
  • disbursing orders;
  • burial expenses;
  • recoupments;
  • summary of monthly medical payments;
  • SNAP issuances.

Use the client's case ID number to access the recipient ledger. Use the ledger information to determine the amount of an overpayment.