PM 22-08-04: Name File Inquiry (PF4/F4 ANQR)

WAG 22-08-04.

ANQR is a way to search for case information by entering a name. It provides the name of each person who applied for or received benefits within the past 24 months. It also includes:

  • address;
  • name of the caretaker relative;
  • former case I.D. numbers;
  • group number;
  • SSN;
  • last opening date;
  • date of birth, death, or entrance into a State institution;
  • recipient identification number (RIN);
  • client status and case number.

Use this file to determine previous benefits, previous case number and RIN, and possible duplicate benefits for each person for whom benefits are requested. Use the client's name and birthdate (if available) to access this file. The following optional access fields are available: county, sex, SSN, and soundex.