PM 22-08-03: Wage Verification File Inquiry (PF3/F3 AWVS)

WAG 22-08-03.

AWVS provides employment earnings and unemployment insurance (UI) benefit information as available on Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) files (access only by VDT). The system displays earnings records for the previous 2 years of employment and for 24 UI payments, for a 48-week period. These additional payment records may be accessed by using a paging option at the bottom of the screen. Automated Intake System (AIS) clearances will also print these additional payment records.

If the person is receiving UI benefits on the wage earner's claim, this current information is available. Dollar amounts are added to the Weekly Basic Benefit and Dependent Allowances. These 2 amounts should total the Weekly Benefit field. Use the person's SSN to access the file.

This inquiry capability helps staff check differences between employment and UI information reported by the client and information reported to IDES by the employer.

If more than one employer has reported incomes for a given SSN, all information for that SSN is included in the response.

Earnings and benefit information for persons with more than one SSN are provided under the correct SSN as determined by IDES. If inquiry is made for an "alias" SSN, the information displayed is for that person's actual SSN. If a person has an "alias" SSN(s), it will be displayed on the screen.