WAG 22-06-10: Family Community Resource Center Duties

PM 22-06-10.

When an eligible client dies:

  1. Cancel the deceased's case, or remove them from the case.

    NOTE: A claim for payment for reimbursement of funeral/burial expenses will not be processed for any client who has not been removed from the case or had the case canceled. 

  2. For AABD clients, complete HFS 187, Asset Report for Deceased AABD and MANG Recipients.

When there are no surviving family or friends:

  1. Give written approval to a nursing home, hospital, county morgue, etc., to release the body to the funeral home and make funeral arrangements with the funeral director near the deceased's home.
  2. Notify a Public Administrator to take charge of the deceased's estate. This includes asking that the estate be opened to release funds for payment of funeral and burial expenses.

NOTE: The FCRC must not take charge of or receive any of the deceased's cash assets.

The FCRC sends HFS 29 and HFS 94 to vendors for completion. If the vendor asks, provide a 6-month supply of forms based on how many forms the vendor uses. The Funeral and Burial Unit, Special Projects Section, handles form requests for Cook County offices.

Local offices receive a monthly listing of claims paid during the previous month. This report includes the name of the claimant, name and case number of the deceased, amount paid by the Department, voucher number, and date of death. Use the list to reply to inquiries of vendors or claimants.