PM 22-06-10: Family Community Resource Center Duties

WAG 22-06-10.

Family Community Resource Centers are responsible for:

  • canceling benefits for the deceased;
  • making sure that the claim is signed;
  • identifying other payment sources (see PM 22-06-06) and deducting from the Department's payment, as appropriate;
  • approving or denying and referring to the Funeral and Burial Unit any claim within 30 days of the date received;
  • telling the vendor or claimant, in writing, if the request is denied or amended;
  • helping claimants prepare their claim; and
  • issuing claim forms to vendors.

Make sure that all bills are on the proper claim form. All entries on the bill must be able to be read. All copies must be signed and dated in ink.

Ask the person filing the claim about available assets and resources or donations toward the funeral and burial costs.