PM 22-06-06: Payment Sources Other Than the Department

WAG 22-06-06.

Identify all potential payment sources before approving payment by the Department. When the amount available for payment from any source equals or exceeds the Department's maximum amount, the Department does not pay funeral and burial expenses.

When the amount available for payment from other sources is less than the Department's maximum payment amount, subtract the payment from other sources from the maximum amount. There is one exception:

The Department will not subtract a payment made after the death of a client by a non-responsible relative or party when it is applied to:

  • the cost of the casket, urn, or vault; or
  • the cost of additional expenses, up to $2000, for services or merchandise that are not required to be provided for the Department's payment.

Sources of payment may include:

  • assets of the deceased (AABD, TANFdeleted text);

    NOTE: Funds in a nursing home account belonging to the deceased are not available for funeral and burial claims. 

  • amounts paid by local, state, federal agencies or by nonprofit, civic, fraternal, or religious groups;
  • proceeds of life insurance on the deceased, payable to or received by the person who agreed to pay for any portion of the funeral or burial expense;
  • any equity of the deceased in real or personal property, such as a car (AABD, TANFtext deleted);
  • prepaid funeral or burial plans, except a prepaid casket, vault, and/or grave opening and closing will not be deducted; and
  • amounts paid by persons legally responsible for the deceased or amounts they plan to pay. A legally responsible relative is expected to pay funeral and burial expenses unless financially unable to do so. 

NOTE:  The central Funeral & Burial Unit determines if a legally responsible relative is able to pay funeral and burial expenses.