PM 22-06-04-d: Unusual Goods and Services

WAG 22-06-04-d.

Special burial items or services may be needed. This could include a sealer insert, special transportation needs, an emergency pouch, or oversize casket. Only the least costly casket is considered.

Charges for unusual goods and services must be submitted on a separate claim form. It must include any needed information, medical or other, to prove the reason for the extra cost. Forward these claims to the Funeral and Burial Unit, Springfield.

The Department pays special transportation in addition to funeral vendor services as follows:

  • Transportation outside a 20 mile radius of the funeral home will be considered, at 50¢ per mile, for unusual intrastate travel. The transportation charge cannot exceed the balance remaining unused after the actual cemetery charges have been deducted from the burial rate.
  • For out-of-state burials, an added amount for transportation will be considered of up to $50. This is in excess of the unused burial amount described above.
  • In donation for research cases (where the body has been donated for scientific study), an expense of 50¢ per added mile will be considered outside a 20 mile area. This does not require a separate claim form.
  • No added transportation charges are paid when a body is cremated.

Each funeral home and cemetery must file a separate claim for goods and services it provides, except in the following circumstances:

  • When a body is shipped out of the area where the death occurred, the Department will pay the funeral director who made the primary arrangements. Any other funeral directors involved must receive payment from the primary funeral director.
  • Funeral homes may use the same claim form for all funeral and cemetery expenses.