WAG 22-05-02: Substitute Parent & Supplemental Child Care (AABD, TANF)

PM 22-05-02.

  1. (FCRC) Use Substitute Parental/Child Care Request (Form 1932) when the client asks for substitute parent care or supplemental child care.
  2. (Client) Provides proof of the need for substitute parent care/ supplemental child care, such as a doctor's statement or discharge papers.

    NOTE: The client must provide verification of the need for substitute parent care/supplemental child care with the written request. 

  3. (FCRC) Complete Form 514 when the client asks for payment for substitute parent care/supplemental child care.
  4. (FCRC) Prepare 2 copies of a memo. Include in the memo:
    • complete case information, including case name, address, phone number, case ID number, and date of last opening,
    • the type of aid being requested,
    • date of the request,
    • persons requiring care,
    • detailed explanation of the reason for the request,
    • the name, address, and phone number of the person providing care.
  5. (FCRC) Send one copy of the memo to the Regional Administrator or designee. Attach a copy of the Form 1932, proof of need, and the latest Form 552 or ACID screens 1, 2, and 3.

    NOTE: If the situation is such that the time involved in writing and mailing the memo endangers the health and well-being of the client or children, call the Regional Office. A phone request must be followed within 48 hours by a memo with attachments. 

  6. (RA) Decides if the client qualifies for substitute parental care/ supplemental child care. If approved, figures the amount.
  7. (RA) Notifies the Family Community Resource Center of the decision.
  8. (FCRC) Complete Notice of Decision on Request for a Cash Assistance Increase/Special Authorization (Form 1934) and send to the client.
  9. (FCRC) If approved for payment, complete Substitute Parental Care/Supplemental Child Care Statement of Services Rendered (Form 222) to approve direct payment to qualified providers (see WAG 26-04-03).
  10. (FCRC) Send Form 222 to the provider with instructions for completion and submittal.
  11. (FCRC) File in the case record a copy of Form 1932, Form 1934, proof of need, memo to the RA, RA's response, and if applicable, Form 222.