PM 22-05-02: Substitute Parent & Supplemental Child Care (AABD, TANF)

WAG 22-05-02.

Payments for substitute parent care or supplemental child care must receive approval from the Regional Administrator or designee before the care is provided, except when care is needed due to:

  • emergency hospital stays of the caretaker relative; or
  • incarceration of the caretaker relative.

For emergency hospital stays and incarcerations, the client must file the request within 10 calendar days of their release from the hospital or from jail. Proof of their need must be provided with the written request. The payment will not be approved if requested more than 10 days after their release. Include the date and nature of the request in the case record.

For both substitute parent care and supplemental child care, payment may not be made to:

  • persons living in the home with the caretaker and child, or
  • a responsible relative of the caretaker or child.

Substitute Parent Care

Payment of up to $25 per day may be approved. When care is provided at no cost, day care is paid only during the hours of the substitute parent's absence due to work, education, or training. See PM 08-02-03-c for day care rates. This type of care is generally provided for no more than 30 days.

Supplemental Child Care

Payment is limited to the following tasks and may be allowed up to $3.35 per hour:

  • Meal Preparation - Up to 1 hour per meal
    • Food shopping
    • Preparing the meals
    • Serving of meals (includes incapacitated caretaker and infant)
    • Dishwashing and clean-up
  • Personal Care - Up to 7 hours per week
    • Help with bathing and shampooing hair
    • Help with dental care
    • Help with care and diapering of infants
    • Help with dressing
  • Laundry - Up to 3 hours per week
    • Washing clothes and linens
    • Folding and storing clothes and linens