WAG 22-04-02: Cash

PM 22-04-02.

Voided Checks and MediPlan Cards

  1. (FCRC) Void returned checks by writing VOID in large letters across the front of the check.
    1. Complete cover memo.
    2. Send:
      • check, issued by the Comptroller, to:

        Office of the State Comptroller
        State of Illinois
        325 West Adams Street
        Springfield, IL 62706
        Attn: Adjustment Section 

      • crisis assistance check (identified by the words "Public Assistance Emergency Revolving Fund" on the top of the check) to:

        Bureau of Fiscal Operations
        100 South Grand Avenue East
        Springfield, IL 62762
        Attn: Springfield Warrant Unit 

  2. (FCRC) Complete 3 copies of HFS 1373, Receipt for Returned Warrant/Emergency Check.
    1. Sign all 3 copies of HFS 1373.
  3. (FCRC) Distribute HFS 1373:
    • original to the person who returned the check,
    • attach 2 copies to the voided check and give them to the LOA.
  4. (LOA) Records receipt of the check on HFS 1405, Warrant and Emergency Check Register.
  5. (LOA) Initials and dates the 2 duplicate copies of HFS 1373.
    1. Distributes duplicate copies of HFS 1373:
      • one to caseworker for the case record, and
      • one for LOA file.

Undeliverable Check or MediPlan Card

  1. (Post Office) Returns undeliverable check or MediPlan Card to Comptroller's Office.
  2. (Comptroller) Voids the check or MediPlan Card.
  3. (Comptroller) Prepares:
    • 2 copies of PA-5, Notice of Returned Warrant, for each voided check; or
    • HFS 2672, Notice of Returned Pass Through Warrant, for each voided child support pass through check; or
  4. (Comptroller) Sends forms to the Bureau of Fiscal Operations.
  5. (BFO) Forwards forms to the Family Community Resource Center.
    1. Sends the computer listing called "Undeliverable Medical Eligibility Cards" to the FCRC.
  6. (FCRC) Verify why the check or MediPlan Card could not be delivered.
    1. Correct HFS 552 if the return was because of incorrect information.
    2. Attach the Comptroller form used to void the check or MediPlan Card to the HFS 552, if reissuing benefits.
    3. Submit HFS 552, with change of address, promptly to the Local Warrant Unit so future benefits will be delivered to the correct address.
  7. (FCRC) Indicate on HFS 2672 if benefits are not being replaced.
    1. Return HFS 2672 to Springfield Warrant Unit.

If the client cannot be located or is no longer eligible:

  1. (FCRC) Cancel the case.

    NOTE: Clients stay eligible for child support pass through even if they are no longer eligible for cash. 

  2. (System) Sends HFS 157C, Notice of Change, to the client's last known address.