WAG 22-03-01:Replacing Destroyed Food

PM 22-03-01

Replacing Food Destroyed in a Disaster or Food Loss Due to a Power Outage

  1. (FCRC) revised manual textHave a SNAP household member sign Request for Replacement of Destroyed Food (Form 1989). The request must be made within 10 days of the disaster or power outage.
  2. (FCRC) revised manual textVerify the disaster or power outage, if the customer does not have proof. This may be done by contacting an independent source, such as but not limited to a collateral contact from a community agency, the Red Cross or fire department, utility company or through a newspaper article, home visit or other reliable source. The verification should support that there was a power outage or natural disaster (flood, fire) which resulted in the spoiled or destroyed food. 
  3. (FCRC) Approve replacement SNAP within 2 days of the signed Request for Replacement of Destroyed Food (Form 1989), if the SNAP household is entitled. The replacement cannot be more than the SNAP benefit amount for the fiscal month of the loss.
  4. (FCRC) revised manual textGive the customer a copy of Form 1989 with the appropriate decision to approve or deny the replacement request and file a copy of the decision in the ECR. Form 1989 should explain the reason for the denial. A replacement of benefits is not authorized while the denial is being appealed
revised manual text Follow the steps below to issue replacement benefits:
Step 1  Upload Form 1989 to the ECR on IES.
Step 2 In the Left Navigation, Click Benefits Issuance.
Step 3 Click "Request SNAP/Cash Manual Issuance".
Step 4 Enter the Case Number and enter SNAP EDG #.
Step 5

Enter the Benefit Type: Replacement and the Issuance Reason:

Food Destroyed.

Step 6 Enter the replacement amount that the SNAP household claims to have loss. The replacement cannot be more than the SNAP benefit amount for the fiscal month of the loss.

Example 1: Ms. B completes Request for Replacement of Destroyed Food (Form 1989)on August 20, 2020 stating her refrigerator stopped working on August 15, 2020. Ms. B is requesting a replacement of $194 for the food she lost. The HSC checks Ms. B's eligibility and noticed that the case closed effective July 1, 2020. The HSC denies the request and sends Ms. B a copy of Form 1989 to explain that she is not eligible for replacement benefits because she was not eligible for or receiving SNAP in August. The worker must also document the denial of the request in Case Comments. If Ms. B files an appeal on this decision, no replacement benefits will be issued while pending a decision.

Example 2: Mr. T receives $194 in SNAP benefits monthly. There was a fire in his home on August 8, 2020. Mr. T goes into the FCRC on August 10, 2020 and reports that $300 worth of food was destroyed in the fire. He completes Form 1989 and provides a statement from the Red Cross. Mr. T is eligible to have his August allotment replaced in the amount of $194. The replacement amount cannot be more than the benefit amount received in the fiscal month of the loss.

Example 3: Ms. Z and her child receive SNAP of $250 monthly. Ms. Z reports to the FCRC on July 10 that due to a storm her power had been out for 12 hours. She threw away food due to spoilage. Ms. Z completes Form 1989 requesting a replacement of $75. The HSC verifies the power outage with the utility company. Ms. Z claims she lost $75 worth of food. The HSC approves $75 in replacement benefits for July.

Note: Replacement of destroyed food due to a natural disaster or power outage is not the Disaster SNAP Program.