WAG 22-02-03-a: Replacement Conditions

  1. (FRC) Reviews the Client Database to see if the check was voided. Title IV-D checks are found on the Recipient Ledger Inquiry Screen (PF6/F6) and are identified under the check postings by a TA 93 and a Reason Code of::
    • 601 - Support payments received by HFS for a client not receiving TANF
    • 602 - Child support collected is more than TANF amount received
    • 603 - Internal Revenue Intercept Refund amount
    • 604 - Support collected for a non-assistance client
    • 606 - Refund to noncustodial parent, Clerk of the Circuit Court, or third party
    • 607 - State Comptroller Intercept Refund amount
    • 608 - UIB refund payment
    • 610 - Earmarked support payment
    • 611 - Support collected from UIB which possibly resulted in a lesser amount than the full child support order

      Checks issued with Reason Codes 601, 602, 604, 610, and 611 are issued to the Title IV-D client. Checks issued with Reason Codes 603, 606, 607, and 608 are issued to the noncustodial parent. 

  2. (FRC) Completes 4 copies of Stop Payment and Recovery Agreement (Form 98) if the clearance shows the check is not voided.
    1. Has the payee (IV-D client or noncustodial parent) sign all 4 copies of Form 98. Signatures must be originals.
  3. (FRC) Tells the payee to return the first check without cashing it if it is received.
  4. (FRC) Has the payee sign 8 copies of Signature Exemplar (Form 1403).