WAG 22-02-01-a: Proving Forgery

PM 22-02-01-a.

If the check was cashed:

  1. (WCU) Sends LWU:
    • 4 copies of the check,
    • original Form 98, and
    • 4 copies of Form 79.
  2. (LWU) Gives the materials to the caseworker.
  3. (LWU) Sets a 60-day control for the Form 167 sent to the caseworker.
  4. (FCRC) Ask the client to come review copies of the check.

    NOTE: If the client does not come for the interview, assume the client received the check and start recovery. 

  5. (FCRC) Show the client the endorsement signature on the check. Do not show them the signatures on Form 98.

If the client admits signing the check:

  1. (FCRC) Complete 3 copies of Form 167.
    1. Distribute Form 167:
      • original and one copy to LWU with:
        • Form 98,
        • copies of the check, and
        • Form 79, and
      • copy in the case record.
  2. (LWU) Sends Fiscal:
    • copies of the check,
    • Form 79,
    • original Form 98, and
    • original Form 167.
    1. Keeps a copy of Form 167 in the LWU files.

If the client denies signing the check:

  1. (FCRC) Explain to the client the purpose of the Affidavit of Forgery (Form 79) and the Signature Exemplar (Form 1403).
  2. (FCRC) Have the client sign:
    • 4 copies of Form 79, and
    • 8 copies of Form 1403.

      All the copies must have an original signature.

      NOTE: If the client refuses to sign these forms, assume the client received the check and start recovery action. 

  3. (FCRC) Have client's signature notarized.
  4. (FCRC) Send the following to Fiscal:
    • 3 signed Forms 79,
    • 8 signed Forms 1403,
    • copies of the check, and
    • original Stop Payment & Recovery Agreement (Form 98).

      NOTE: A copy of Form 79 and Form 1403 is kept in the LWU files. 

  5. (WCU) Sends the signed forms to the Forensic Document Examiner.