PM 22-02-01: Replacing IM or Supportive Service Check and/or MediPlan Card

WAG 22-02-01.

Replace an unendorsed check that is reported lost or stolen when:

  • the check was voided and the payee was entitled to the check, or
  • the client has made no other reports of lost or stolen checks that have resulted in receipt of duplicate checks; and
  • the client signs a completed Stop Payment and Recovery Agreement; and

    NOTE: If the client reports a redirected child care check as lost or stolen, the child care provider must also sign the Stop Payment Request and Recovery Agreement. 

  • at least 3 Post Office workdays have passed since the mail date of the check; and
  • the request for replacement is made within 60 calendar days after the check mail date.

When a client reports the loss, theft, or non-receipt, determine if the check was cashed. If the check was cashed, a determination must be made about whether or not the signature is genuine.

Unless an immediate preliminary investigation shows that the client endorsed the check (non-forgery), replace the check by the 14th day after the client signs the Stop Payment Request.

When a client has previously made false reports of lost or stolen checks, more time is required for review. For these clients, replace the check by the 30th day after the statement is signed unless the investigation shows the client endorsed the check (non-forgery).