WAG 22-01-03: Direct Mail of Cash Benefits

PM 22-01-03.

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Checks Delivered to FCRC

All checks received in the FCRC must be delivered directly to the LOA. Mail clerks should not open checks received in the mail. All checks must be stored in a locked area. Checks cannot be held in the FCRC for more than 10 workdays from the day received.

  1. (LOA) Registers all checks mailed to the FCRC on the Warrant and Emergency Check Register (Form 1405) immediately upon receipt in the Family Community Resource Center.
  2. (LOA) Notifies the caseworker that the check has been received.
  3. (LOA) Has the caseworker, or other person giving the check to the client, sign Form 1405.
  4. (Worker) Complete 2 copies of the Warrant/Emergency Check Receipt (Form 1404) when the check is given to the client.
  5. (Client) Signs both copies of Form 1404.
  6. (Worker) Distribute Form 1404:
  • original to LOA to keep for audit, and
  • copy in the case record.