PM 22-01-01-m: Expunged Benefits

WAG 22-01-01-m

The revised textcustomer's Illinois Link card has separate accounts for cash and SNAP benefits. The customer's use of Illinois Link benefits is tracked centrally. SNAP use and cash use are tracked separately for customers who have both.  Benefits are expunged for non-use of benefits 365 days after the benefit was issued. If a customer uses one account and not the other, only the unused account has the benefit expunged. For example, if they use cash and not SNAP benefits, the cash account remains open and the SNAP benefit is removed. Balance inquiries and benefit deposits do not count as benefit use.

revised textCustomers need to access the benefits by the 365th day or the benefits will be taken from their account (expunged).  Expunged benefits are no longer available to the customer revised text and cannot be reissued.  If there is an outstanding overpayment claim, the amount of benefits expunged will be credited toward the claim. Cash benefits will be credited for a cash overpayment; SNAP benefits will be credited for a SNAP overpayment.