WAG 22-01-01-f: Changing the Personal Identification Number (PIN)

PM 22-01-01-f.

(revised textClustomer) Contacts the Illinois Link Help Line at 1-800-678-LINK (5465) or the Illinois Link Website at www.link.illinois.gov.  Customers need to enter either the Illinois Link card number printed on front of the card, their date of birth and their social security number or their social security number, date of birth, and their PIN. When the customer enters their Illinois Link card number, they do not need to enter their old PIN to select a new one. For those customers who are unable to use the Help Line or Website, offices can use the Administrative Terminal function to reset the PIN on the card page.  The option only shows for accounts with locked PINS that need to be reset.


(FCRC) See WAG 22-01-01-e for PIN Packet issuance procedures.