PM 22-01-00: Delivery of Benefits

WAG 22-01-00.

The Department uses various delivery systems to distribute cash, SNAP benefits, and MediPlan cards to clients. These systems include:

  • Illinois Link System - Cash and SNAP benefits are electronically issued and used through the client's Illinois Link account. Clients access benefits using the Illinois Link card that is similar to a bank card.

    MediPlan cards are mailed from the Office of the Comptroller in Springfield to the client's home address. 

  • Direct Deposit - The client's cash benefits are deposited directly into the client's bank, savings and loan, or credit union account.
  • Direct Mail - This is a limited distribution method (see PM 22-01-03). In certain situations, SNAP benefits, cash benefits, and MediPlan cards are mailed to the client's address.
  • Group Care Batch Mail - Delivers MediPlan cards for AABD Medical clients living in the same nursing home.

The Illinois Link System or the direct deposit system is mandatory for all clients who receive help in the form of cash. The Illinois Link System is mandatory for clients who receive SNAP benefits and/or child support payments.