WAG 21-06-07-h: Job Search Training

PM 21-06-07-h.

Job Search Training

  1. FCRC or SNAP E&T Provider:
    • Reviews and discusses the Job Search Training component with each customer.
  2. FCRC:
    • revise manual textCompletes the assessment, Form IL444-5179, SNAP Employment and Training Referral Assessment (Referrals from FCRC to the Office of Workforce Development), with the volunteer's input. If Form IL444-5179 cannot completed in its entirety, at a minimum, ensures that Page 1 is completed and the form is signed by both the volunteer and worker on Page 4 before sending to the Office of Workforce Development. Completing all sections of Page 1 is important because the information gathered is used to determine the appropriate SNAP E&T Provider and other services that the volunteer may need. The signature is important because it gives consent to send the referral.
    • Emails Form IL444-5179 to the respective Region's email address below. revised manual textIndicates in the email if the volunteer has a specific Provider they would like to work with. Documents in Case Comments which member in the SNAP household volunteered and the completion of the referral.
  3. Workforce Development
    1. Enters the information on Form IL444-5179) into ISETS within 2 workdays.
    2. Once the information has been entered into ISETS, determines if there is an appropriate SNAP E&T Provider for a customer referral. If there is a SNAP E&T Provider with slots available, processes the referral in ISETS. 
    3. If a SNAP E&T Provider slot is not available, place the customer on a waiting list. Notifies the customer of their placement on the waiting list.
    4. If there are SNAP E&T services available but not a SNAP E&T Provider, then the Office of Workforce Development will serve as the Provider offering Case Management and supportive services. If SNAP E&T services or a SNAP E&T Provider are not available, the Office of Workforce Development will notify the customer and the FCRC.
  4. SNAP E&T SNAP E&T Provider:
    • Uses ISETS to make and accept referrals, manage SNAP E&T participation and enter case notes, progress report information and issue supportive services.
  5. Office of Workforce Development or SNAP E&T Provider:
    • Completes customer's attendance and progress in ISETS.
  6. Office of Workforce Development or FCRC or SNAP E&T Provider:
    •  Verifies the need for all supportive service expenses and their costs. This information must be furnished by the customer.
    •  To authorize supportive payment for expenses, see WAG 21-06-11.

Note: The FCRC should only issue supportive services if they cannot be issued by the servicing SNAP E&T Provider (a bus pass to attend the initial meeting with the SNAP E&T Provider).