WAG 23-03-03: Figuring an SNAP Overpayment

PM 23-03-03

Use actual income, including the cash payment from the budget month, to figure the overpayment amount. Use the correct amount of expenses from each month to figure the overpayment amount. Use the first month wages were received, not the month employment began, if there is a difference.

To figure monthly income when an employer provides an annual or quarterly income verification, divide the:

  • annual income by 12 or
  • quarterly income by 3.

See WAG 25-02-10 for automated calculation. See WAG 25-03-02 for a list of maximum SNAP allotments. See WAG 13-01-01-a and WAG 13-01-01-b. See WAG 13-02-08 for SNAP deduction amount to be used when figuring the overpayment amount.

If figuring an overpayment for a gap or overlap period when there was a change in fiscal month, see WAG 13-02-08 for the adjustment procedure.

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