PM 21-06-07-e: Work Experience

WAG 21-06-07-e.

  • SNAP E & T customers may participate in the Work Experience component to:
    • obtain a meaningful work experience; or
    • maintain or enhance existing employment skills.
  • Unpaid work is performed for public or private not-for-profit organizations (employers).
  • Employers must not use SNAP E & T customers to displace employees.
  • If a customer, their representative, or an employee of the employer believes a Work Experience assignment is causing displacement, they may file a written grievance with the Department.
  1. Entry into the Activity

    revised manual textCustomers may choose to participate in this activity based on an assessment of their education, training, work history, and the needs of the employer.

    revised manual textThe customer's prior training, proficiency, experience, skills, and vocational preference is to be considered before participating in this activity. Customers participate in Work Experience based on their skills and the needs of the employer. 

  2. Activity Requirements 
  • Customers who participate in work experience for the required number of hours meet the Work Requirement for SNAP (PM 03-25-00).
  • Customers must report on time. If they cannot appear or will be late, they must immediately notify the Work Experience employer.

  deleted manual text

3. Supportive Services

  See WAG 21-06-11.