PM 21-06-07-d: Supervised Job Search

WAG 21-06-07-d

new manual textSupervised Job Search

Supervised Job Search consists of a coordinated set of activities such as job placement services, skills assessment and interest inventory, and training/coaching to improve the customer's job seeking chances. Supervised Job Search also identifies any additional services that may be needed if the participant cannot find a job.

Component Participation

  • Customers in Supervised Job Search will be supervised by the Office of Workforce Development staff or by a SNAP E&T Provider with at least weekly contact being made. SNAP E&T Providers or the Office of Workforce Development staff will be responsible for maintaining documentation of the time a customer spends in completing the Supervised Job Search component and the time spent in developing a job search strategy or plan with the customer and the time spent in enacting that plan.
  • State approved Supervised Job Search locations include:
    • IDHS, the Provider locations; or
    • An American Job Center with IDHS; or
    • Provider staff.
  • These locations were determined as they allow for the close proximity of staff to assist with the job search and validate that time is being spent on job search. If in-person is not plausible due to safety concerns, remote contact via teleconference or phone with Provider, Office of Workforce Development staff or American Job Center staff will also be allowed.
  • Participation in Supervised Job Search alone will not meet the SNAP Work Requirement but may be an acceptable component to meet the requirements if it comprises less than half the total time spent in activities. Currently the entire States is exempt from SNAP Work Requirement Time-Limited Benefits through 06/30/2023.

Case Management and Supportive Services

Customers participating in Supervised Job Search will receive case management and supportive services.

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