PM 21-06-07-c: Job Readiness

WAG 21-06-07-c.

Job Readiness gives a customer a chance to return to work by refining job seeking and interviewing skills through intensive training.

revised manual textJob Readiness can include counseling, job placement services, skills assessment, job seeking skills training, life skills workshops, phone bank skills sessions, and information sharing about the labor market.

Approval Criteria

revised manual textThe individual needs help in obtaining job seeking skills, career planning, and interviewing techniques. 

Entry into the Component

Customers may be assigned to this component as part of their Employability Plan (EP). 

Component Requirements

revised manual textThe customer attends all scheduled classes or sessions and make satisfactory progress as defined by the written policy of the Job Readiness Provider.

deleted manual text

See PM 21-06-11 for Supportive Services.