PM 21-06-07-a: Basic Education

WAG 21-06-07-a.

Information, referral, counseling services, and supportive services are provided to the customer. Customers may be referred to testing, counseling, and educational resources at public community colleges, adult education centers, or state or local agencies, or to programs which sponsor such activities,new manual text including English as a Second Language (ESL).

Approval Criteria

Assign customers who are determined in need of additional education to Basic Education. Approval is based upon the assessment that: 

  • the customer does not possess a high school diploma or a GED;
  • the program will lead to unsubsidized employment. Consider the time required to complete, and the overall cost and quality of the program;
  • the customer possesses the aptitude, ability, and interest needed for success in the deleted manual texteducation or training program (as determined by such factors as test results, educational background, and previous training);
  • revised manual textthe program is administered by an educational institution meeting the standards issued by the Illinois State Board of Education, or the Department of Professional Regulations or is funded by the Work Innovation Opportunity Investment Act (WIOA); and
  • revised manual textthe customer must apply for any grants or scholarships identified by the educational facilities for which the customer may be eligible. 

Entry into the Component

Customers may participate in this component as part of their Employability Plan (EP): 

  • after assessment;
  • when registering with SNAP E&T, if they are already in an acceptable Basic Education activity.

deleted manual text

Component Requirements

  • The customer is required to attend classes as defined by the training or educational facility.

deleted manual text

  • revised manual textMissing 3 days of classes in a 30- day period without good cause may result in being removed from the program.
  • Curriculum changes may only be made with the prior written approval of the Family Community Resource Center staff. Curriculum changes must be consistent with the written goals of the training program.
  • revised manual textThe customer must provide proof of attendance and progress upon request.

Contact with Customers

  • revised manual textContact the customer monthly if supportive service payments are issued. Provide supportive service payments per WAG 21-06-11. Payment of Allowable Expenses

Approve payment for education expenses at the most reasonable charge and only for the amount specified in an approved plan. revised manual textEducation expenses for which payment may be provided per PM 21-06-11.

revised manual text