WAG 21-06-06: Developing an Employability Plan (EP)

PM 21-06-06

  1. revised manual text(FCRC) If the customer is not participating with a Provider, complete SNAP E&T Employment Plan (Form 2839).
    • revised manual textEach activity must be entered. If an activity ends or changes DO NOT change current activity. Add Close Out and then add new or different activity. By entering the Close Out the previous activities will end. See WAG 21-06-02. revised manual textUpdate the SNAP E&T screen, if a 2151A is received from a Provider.
  2. revised manual text(Provider) Completes an Employability Plan.
    • revised manual textSends a Report of Change (Form 2151A) to inform the FCRC of the activity the customer is engaged in. This must be done every time a customer changes activity.