PM 21-06-05-a: Assessment Information

WAG 21-06-05-a

revised manual textAssessment Information

  • The FCRC conducts a brief assessment with the customer at initial application, REDE and whenever contact is made with a SNAP household whose members may need assistance in obtaining educational or work and training skills to become employable prior to making a referral to the Office of Workforce Development.
  • An assessment involves gathering a customer's background, including age, literacy, education level, job training, work history and factors that affect employability such as health, physical or mental limitations, recent hospitalizations, family problems or a need for immediate and ongoing supportive services. 
  • Customers who do not qualify for a work exemption are given the SNAP Work Rules notice and an oral explanation of the Work Provisions and the Work Requirements Time-Limited Benefits requirements. SNAP customers who meet an exemption in PM 03-15-02 can still volunteer to participate in SNAP E&T. A customer who is exempt is not given the SNAP Work Rules notice but is provided with an oral explanation of the work rules and how it will affect them if they should lose their exemption.
  • The Office of Workforce Development and/or the SNAP E&T Provider will assist the customer in finding the appropriate SNAP E&T component based on the assessment.