PM 21-06-02: Volunteers

WAG 21-06-02


  • revised manual textSNAP customers who do not receive TANF Cash may volunteer for the SNAP Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) Program. It does not matter if a SNAP customer is exempt or nonexempt from Work Provisions and the Work Requirement, participation in the program is a customer's choice. The program is not mandatory. The volunteer must be suitable for participation in the program by having the ability to comprehend and perform all requirements of their chosen activity component(s) and may be reassigned if not progressing. A volunteer cannot be sanctioned if they are removed from the program or if they later decide to drop out of the program.  A SNAP customer who is receiving TANF Cash must comply with TANF work and training rules.
  • The FCRC worker will explain the SNAP E&T Program at:
    • initial application; and
    • REDE; and
    • whenever contact is made with a SNAP household whose members may need assistance in obtaining educational or work and training skills to become employable
  • The FCRC worker will identify members within the SNAP household who are unemployed or underemployed but are work ready. Work ready means that a member already has marketable job skills and may only need supportive services and help in seeking out potential employers. For other members who lack an education and/or work history, the FCRC will discuss employment interests and the SNAP E&T components that are available to help meet the needs of the individual. 
  • A customer who is required to comply with the SNAP Work Requirement Time-Limited Benefits policy (PM 03-25-01) may volunteer to participate in the program for the required number of hours to meet the Work Requirement.  A customer who fails to comply with the Work Requirement is not sanctioned but is subject to the loss of eligibility after receiving 3 countable (unmet) months of SNAP benefits. A customer may still be sanctioned for failing to comply with a Work Provision in PM 03-15-01.
  • When a customer volunteers to participate in the program, the FCRC sends the SNAP Employment and Training Referral to the Office of Workforce Development through the respective region's email address.

Supportive Services

  • Participants in SNAP E&T are eligible to receive a full range of supportive services (PM 21-06-11).