PM 21-06-01: Participation

WAG 21-06-01

SNAP E&T Participation

All SNAP customers participating in SNAP E&T are considered volunteers and cannot be sanctioned if they later decide to drop out of the program. A work sanction may still be imposed on a customer who is required to comply with Work Provisions in PM 03-15-01, regardless of whether the customer is participating in SNAP E&T. 

Program Referral

  • The FCRCs will discuss the SNAP E&T Program at initial application, REDE and whenever contact is made with a SNAP household whose members may need assistance in obtaining educational or work and training skills to become employable. revised manual textA customer assessment is initiated by the FCRC and then a referral is made to the Office of Workforce Development. The Office of Workforce Development will either send the customer to the appropriate SNAP E&T Provider who will complete the assessment and Employability Plan, or if there is not a SNAP E&T Provider available, then the Office of Workforce Development will complete the assessment and Employability Plan.
  • SNAP E&T Providers may also submit a reverse referral for a SNAP customer in the Illinois SNAP Employment and Training System (ISETS).

The SNAP E&T Program also serves:

  • Noncustodial parents of TANF children who are ordered by the court to take part in Earnfare.  A noncustodial parent who fails to cooperate with a court order to take part in Earnfare remains eligible for SNAP benefits, if they receive SNAP. Refer a noncustodial parent to the Department of Healthcare and Family Services' (HFS) Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) when they fail to comply with a court order.

NOTE: See PM 03-13-00 and PM 21-01-00 for policy related to participation of Family and Children Assistance cases.