PM 21-06-01: Participation

WAG 21-06-01

  • revised manual textThe Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) will operate a voluntary SNAP Employment and Training Program (SNAP E&T) for SNAP recipients, except SNAP recipients receiving TANF. All customers participating in the SNAP E&T Program are considered volunteers and may not be sanctioned if they later decide to end their participation in the program.
  • revised manual textA work sanction may only be imposed on a nonexempt customer (PM 03-15-02) who fails to comply with the Work Provisions in PM 03-15-01.
  • new manual textThe Family Community Resource Center (FCRCs) will do an assessment and Employability Plan when a customer is not receiving services through a SNAP E&T Provider. After the assessment of the customer's work skills and education have been determine, the FCRC will refer customers to the Provider of their choosing. If there is not a SNAP E&T Provider, the FCRC is responsible for managing the case and issuing supportive services.
  • new manual textProviders may also submit a reverse referral for a customer.
  • new manual textFor counties (see WAG 21-06-01) in the State with a SNAP E&T Provider:
    • the Provider will complete the assessment and Employability Plan; and
    • issue supportive services and job retention services.

The SNAP E & T Program also serves:

Noncustodial parents of TANF children who are ordered by the court to take part in Earnfare. A noncustodial parent who fails to cooperate with a court order to take part in Earnfare remains eligible for SNAP benefits, if they receive SNAP. Refer the noncustodial parent to DCSS when they fail to comply with a court order.

NOTE: See PM 21-01-00 and PM 03-12-00 for policy related to participation of Family and Children Assistance cases.