WAG 21-05-06: Job Search Allowance

PM 21-05-06.

(System) Issues a Mercury payment to the client for the $20 Job Search Allowance at schedule cut-off each month the client is coded for Job Search/Job Readiness (200), Work First (211), Community Service (346), or Work Experience (530) in Item 60. When a client is coded in a combination of these activities, only one Job Search Allowance is issued.

(Worker) If the activity is not coded in Item 60 for a month the allowance is needed or the client is required to do employer contacts in another activity, issue a Mercury payment.

Use code 785 in Item 80 of a blank Form 552 and the 4-digit activity code under PERSONS (see WAG 27-60-12-a). Do not enter the $20 Job Search Allowance under Transportation in Item 60.

NOTE: There is no code (other than the activity code) on the regular roll Form 552 to show the client gets an automated Job Search Allowance. Code 785 does not appear in Item 80. The payment does appear on the Recipient Ledger.