PM 21-05-04-c: Student Financial Aid

Do not pay for a supportive service expense when:

  • the school keeps (or will keep) financial aid grant benefits and has applied (or will apply) them to cover the expense; or
  • the student has received a scholarship or grant from a business, organization, or person which covers the expense.

When a client is eligible for student financial aid, assist them with approved supportive service payments before the time the student aid benefits become available. Never pay for tuition. When the benefits become available, determine the ongoing need for supportive service payments other than child care. Continue to provide child care payments, regardless of financial aid benefits.

After financial aid benefits become available, they must be used to meet the approved supportive service needs, except child care, for the remainder of the financial aid award year. If the benefits are determined insufficient to meet the client's supportive service needs, pay only for educational expenses in excess of the available financial aid benefit amount.