WAG 21-05-04: School Expenses

PM 21-05-04.

  1. (Client) Provides verification of the required books, supplies, and fees.
  2. (Worker) Decide eligibility for the expense.
  3. (Worker) If eligible, authorize payment by Invoice Voucher (Form C-13) to the vendor or by Mercury payment to the client, whichever is more practical. Use code 772, Other, and the activity code under PERSONS (see WAG 27-60-12-a).

The following example shows the payment process:

Example: A client begins attending a community college on 08/19. Tuition is $1,161 and fees $135 for the fall semester. Her educational expenses also include: books ($205), child care ($50 per week), and transportation ($30 per month). School policy is to charge the student's tuition, fees, and books to their expected financial aid.

On 10/14, the client is issued the following financial aid: a monetary award of $1,296 from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) that is retained by the school for tuition and fees, a Pell grant of $575 from which the school retains $205 for books and disburses $370 to the client, and a scholarship of $300 from an organization. The fees and books are not eligible expenses since they are paid by the school retaining grant money to meet the need.

Issue payment for transportation for 3 months (August, September, and October). Refer the client to the Child Care Resource and Referral agency for help with child care.

Beginning November, the client's scholarship of $300 is enough to pay transportation for 10 months, which covers the rest of the school year. The client remains eligible for child care payments through the CCR&R.