WAG 21-05-03: Canceled Cases

PM 21-05-03.

If the case is inactive when the supportive services are requested, the request may be approved only if it is made within the first 3 fiscal months after cash benefits stopped due to employment.

The effective date (Item 2 of Form 552) for a Mercury issuance is the fiscal month in which the request is made. The effective date must be one of the 3 fiscal months after the case last received regular roll cash benefits. For example, if a case is canceled effective 09/99, the effective date of the Mercury payment must be 09/99, 10/99, or 11/99.

If the case has been swapped to Medical, use the former Cash case I.D. number to issue the supportive service payment.

Example: The case I.D. number is 04-054-06-12345. The case is swapped to Medical effective 10/99. The case I.D. number changes to 94-054-00-12345. The client requests supportive services on 11/15/99. Authorize the Mercury payment with an effective month of 11/99 using the former Cash case I.D. number of 04-054-06-12345.