WAG 21-05-02: Expenses with Cash and Time Limits

PM 21-05-02

Obtain supervisory approval, if needed, before authorizing payment.

new textBefore approving an expense which is limited to an individual or group dollar amount within a 12 month period, ensure that the payment will not exceed the limit for that period of time. The 12 month look-back period begins 12 months prior to the current request. For example, if a request is made on June 25, the 12 month look-back period begins June 26 of the previous year.

new textAuthorize payment by Invoice Voucher (Form C-13) to the vendor or by Mercury payment to the client, whichever is more practical. If authorizing a Mercury payment, use code Item 80 Code 772 if the supportive service is activity-related, or Item 80 Code 787 if job-related.