PM 21-05-01: Child Care

WAG 21-05-01.

Child care required for a person to participate in any approved activity is considered work and training child care. Family Community Resource Center staff, and providers responsible for issuing supportive services, pay child care for work and training activities when there is a temporary need of 30 days or less. The FCRC also issues child care for up to 30 days on referral to a provider or when needed for employment. If the need is ongoing, child care is handled by the CCR&R. See PM 06-16-00 for additional policy about child care.

With supervisory approval, an added payment may be made for child care after a client becomes employed, even when the client receives child care coverage through the CCR&R, if the payment is needed for the client to keep their job and the client's circumstances warrant it.

Student financial aid is not applied toward child care costs.