PM 21-02-06-k: Noncooperation

WAG 21-02-06-k.

A client in Work First is not subject to an Activity Requirement sanction (see PM 03-13-05). If the client fails without good cause to report to the provider or employer or to perform the Pay-After-Performance and/or Supplemental assignments, they are not eligible for TANF.

Any month the client does not complete all their Pay-After-Performance hours and/or does not complete their Supplemental activities without good cause is a month of noncooperation. When a client completes fewer Pay-After-Performance hours than scheduled during the month, the provider (Cook local offices) or the FCRC worker (downstate) reduces the cash benefit sent to the client. If a client does not complete their Supplemental activities, the Work First payment is not reduced.

For clients who don't complete their required Pay-After-Performance hours or Supplemental activities, the FCRC (downstate) or the provider (Cook local offices) must attempt to contact the client who has been noncooperative. This may be done in person, by phone, or by letter.

When the client is contacted, discuss the reasons the client failed to cooperate. If the client had good cause for failure to cooperate, no further action is required and the client is to proceed with the instructions contained in the client's Responsibility and Services Plan (RSP).

If the client did not have good cause for failure to cooperate, the FCRC/provider:

  • discusses with the client the cooperation requirement;
  • explores whether the client has any new barriers, or if added supportive services are needed;
  • makes sure the client is aware of what they are to do and the consequences for failure to cooperate (i.e., loss of cash assistance); and
  • gives the client another chance to cooperate.

If during the next 30 days the client demonstrates cooperation, no further action is required based on the initial failure to cooperate.

If during the 30 days the client fails to cooperate once again, in the same manner or in a different manner, SWAP the case to Medical.

If receiving SNAP, continue to authorize benefits on the medical case.

If after the 30 day period the client fails to cooperate with the Work First assignment or supplemental activities, the FCRC/provider once again begins the process of contacting the client to determine the reason for the failure to cooperate.