PM 21-02-04: Community Service

WAG 21-02-04.

revised textCommunity Service includes unpaid work that the client performs for the benefit of the community, such as for a school, church, government agency, or nonprofit organization. The client chooses and arranges their own placement, with input from the worker. Community Service builds the client's confidence and provides experience, skills, and references that will help the client get a job.

Who may participate in the activity

A client may participate in Community Service when:

  1. The client has little or no recent work experience.
  2. The client needs to build skills and confidence before entering a more structured work setting.
  3. The client is already involved in community service and/or no other work activity slots are available.

The client may be assigned to Work Experience or Deleted Reference when they are more job-ready and/or an appropriate slot is available.

What the activity requires:

The client must perform assigned activities for the required number of hours per week, keep a written record, and provide the record to their worker no less often than monthly.

Community Service is subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). See PM 03-13-01-b.