PM 21-02-01: Employment

WAG 21-02-01.

new textEmployment results in income which is earned. 

Unsubsidized employment is full or part-time employment where the employer is not subsidized by TANF or any other public programs. 

Subsidized employment is paid employment for which the employer receives a subsidy from TANF or other public funds to offset some or all of the wages and costs of employment. The purpose of subsidized employment is to increase the employability of the client by providing needed work experience that will help transition them to unsubsidized employment. Through agencies contracted to provide work and training services, clients are assigned to subsidized employment in the private or public sector. The assignment is generally short-term, not exceeding 6 to 12 months in length.

Hours of subsidized or unsubsidized employment count toward the participation requirement as a Core activity.

On the job training is included as part of employment because wages are received.  

Project hours of employment for the next 6 months based on information reported at application and redetermimation. If a change is reported, use best estimate policy for cases that report new employment or a change in income (see PM 10-01-01). For verifying hours of employment, see PM 03-13-01-c

Hours of work are also used to stop the TANF 60-month counter. See PM 03-06-01.