WAG 23-02-03-a: Interstate Duplicate Benefits

PM 23-02-03-a

There is no overpayment for Illinois when a client receives aid from another state while living in Illinois.

  1. (LOA) Call the other state to tell them of the apparent overpayment.

Example: Ms. S began receiving AABD in 03/95. The Family Community Resource Center verifies the client also received AABD from Wisconsin for March through September 1995.

Do not treat the Illinois AABD payment as an overpayment. Notify Wisconsin that there is an apparent overpayment for them.

Treat aid paid by Illinois to a client living in another state as an overpayment.

Example: Ms. W applied for AABD in 10/95. In 03/96, the Family Community Resource Center received an anonymous phone call that the client moved to Missouri in 01/96 to live with an aunt, and commutes to Illinois to pick up her check. The local office verifies that the client has lived in Missouri since January and has been receiving Missouri AABD since March. Cancel the case for April.

The month of change is January. The overpayment is the cash benefit amount for February and March.