WAG 20-24-00: Managed Care Organization (MCO)

PM 20-24-00

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Customer Inquiries

  • Refer general customer questions about managed care plans to the plan in which the customer is enrolled. If a customer is not enrolled with a managed care plan, refer the customer to the Illinois Client Enrollment Services (ICES) for education and enrollment assistance.  The Managed Care Organization (MCO) contact information is located on the HFS ICES Website at:https://enrollhfs.illinois.gov/en/contact
  • Refer the customer to the Health Benefits Hotline at 1-866-255-5437 for general questions not related to managed care.

Customers' Managed Care information is available in IES and in MMIS/Recipient Database

The customer's MCO information is found in IES on the Individual Information page.

The information appears in the Recipient Database (PF8) in MMIS/Bluezone.

The Managed Care codes (MCO FAC) in the below table refers to the name of the MCO. The last digit of the number is the type of program in which the customer is enrolled.

  • YouthCare = '3'
  • HealthChoice Illinois Plan (MCP and LTSS) = '6'
  • MMAI = '8'

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