WAG 20-23-00: Renal Dialysis (TANF, AABD)

PM 20-23-00.

  1. (SSA) Screens persons for renal dialysis services.
  2. (FCRC) Tell client who has not applied for Medicare to go to the SSA office to apply. Complete and submit HFS 1925 to the Department's SSA-PC unit.

    If client refuses to apply or does not go to the SSA Office, contacts SSA-PC to initiate an SSA 40-40 on behalf of client.

    Tell client of the availability of home dialysis services. 

  3. (Client) Must apply for Medicare coverage under the Chronic Renal Disease amendments of 1972 in order to qualify for payment for dialysis.

    If already enrolled in Medicare, tells FCRC who sends HFS 1925 to SSA-PC. 

  4. (SSA-PC) Follows-up with SSA regarding a decision. If client has not applied for Medicare, complete and submit Form SSA 4040 to SSA.
  5. (SSA) Obtains information needed to decide Medicare eligibility from client or from Form SSA 4040.
  6. (SSA) Tells client and the Department the decision.
  7. (FCRC) Enter claim number in HFS 552, item 60.
  8. (FCRC) Send memo giving client's claim number and Medicare eligibility to SSA-PC with HFS 1925.
  9. (FCRC) Contact BCHS when client asks for help in getting services, such as changes in plumbing or electrical, so dialysis can be given at home.