PM 20-19-02-b: Standard Wheelchairs

WAG 20-19-02-b.

A standard wheelchair meets the needs of most users, can stand up to normal use, and has brakes and armrests. A wheelchair can also have the following features and still be considered a standard wheelchair:

  • have 8 inch casters;
  • have a sling seat
  • have footplates; and
  • be easily folded for transport.

Purchase or rental of a standard wheelchair for the client's home requires prior approval. A standard wheelchair for a client in a nursing home is not approved. A physician must recommend a wheelchair and it must be reasonable in cost. The cost for the rental of a wheelchair cannot be more than the purchase price. The monthly rental cost is applied toward the purchase price. When the purchase price is reached, no further payment will be made. The decision on the request for prior approval must be made within 21 days.