WAG 20-14-04: Quality Control

  1. (HFS) Contracts with private dental consulting services to review quality of dental services provided to clients.
  2. (Dental Contractor) Arranges for dental consultant to examine client and look at client's records.
  3. (Dental Contractor) Sends letter to client telling them about the review exam.
    1. Sends copy of letter to Family Community Resource Center.
  4. (Dental Contractor) Tells client's dentist that their services are being reviewed. The dental consultant is not identified.
  5. (Client) Arranges appointment with consultant for exam.
  6. (FCRC) Encourage client to cooperate with review.
  7. (FCRC) Help client with any needed services, such as transportation.
  8. (Dental Consultant) Gives results of exam and review of client's records to contractor.
  9. (Dental Contractor) Gives HFS report on results of quality review.