PM 23-02-01: Cash Overpayment

WAG 23-02-01

The Department acts to recover overpaid cash amounts caused by the Department or the client.

Cash overpayments happen when the Department issues too much money to the client. Overpayments may result from the client not reporting or the Department not acting on:

  • new or increased wages;
  • new or increased unearned income;
  • a change in who lives in the home;
  • new or increased assets; or
  • loss of eligibility for any other reason.

See WAG 22-02-01-b for overpayments due to the receipt of duplicate checks. Do not include medical payments or supportive service checks as overpayments.

There is not a cash overpayment:

  • when a case is no longer eligible and benefits are stopped for the fiscal month after the change occurred;
  • on any income received prior to the first regular roll month that could have been affected if:
    • income is reported or discovered within 10 calendar days of the first date of receipt; or
    • income is reported or discovered prior to submittal cut-off for the fiscal month following first receipt.
  • when a Federal Quality Control error is reported due to not having a Social Security Number; or
  • when a noncitizen who claims an eligible immigration status is found to be ineligible through the SAVE secondary verification process.