PM 23-01-04: Limits on Repaying Underpayments (SNAP)

WAG 23-01-04

Issue underpaid SNAP benefits only when the error was made by DHS. Do not issue an underpayment when the error was made by the client.

If a case has been both underpaid and overpaid over a period of time, file the overpayment and underpayment separately. The difference between the 2 amounts will be figured centrally.

Issue underpaid SNAP benefits for up to 12 fiscal months. Count the 12 months from the most recent of:

  • the report or discovery of the error; or
  • an appeal by the client.

The 12-month limit applies to all underpayments except for:

  • when a court overturns a disqualification for an Intentional Program Violation (IPV), repay benefits for up to 12 months from the date DHS is notified of the request. When the repayment is due to the decision of an Administrative Disqualification Hearing, the date of the client request is the day the client asks for a hearing.
  • when the underpayment was discovered while figuring an overpayment, use the underpayment from any month, including months before the 12-month cut-off, to pay off the overpayment.