WAG 20-08-15-b: Payment Approval

Approval for payment, after a period of Medicare SNF services, must include the day following the last day of SNF services. The amount of payment is reduced by any patient credit.

  1. (FCRC) Complete an inquiry under MMIS LTC system Revised textand enter changes:
    • if the customer was recently a resident in another Revised textNH or SLF facility, including a DHS facility; and
    • to verify information in the MMIS LTC system and to process a correction; and
    • to investigate a discrepancy when a transaction cannot be successfully processedDeleted text.

      The inquiry verifies current information, Revised texthelps identify what transaction is needed, New textand allows changes to be entered in the LTC subsystem.

      New textOptional: Long Term Care Authorization (Form 2299) and Long Term Care Authorization Update (Form 2449) may be completed.

      NOTE: Do not complete an inquiry for a customer admitted from the community. 

  2. (FCRC) Print a copy of the inquiry, if desired. A printed copy is not required as part of the case record.
  3. (FCRC) Revised textAccess the MMIS LTC subsystem to authorize payment for a person admitted to, or living in, a facility.

    Optional: Complete Form 2299 to start payment. See WAG 26-04-07 for completion and distribution of Form 2299.

Deleted text