PM 23-01-03: Limits on Repaying Underpayments (Cash)

WAG 23-01-03

To repay an underpayment the case must be active. If the case is not active, note in the case record the amount owed. If the case starts to receive the same type of cash again, send them their underpayment.

Underpayments can only be made for the same type of cash benefit program. For example, a TANF underpayment can only be paid with a TANF check.

Checks to make up underpayments are not income, do not affect the current cash benefit amount, and are not assets for the month received or the next month. If the family still has the money after 2 months, treat it as an asset new textfor AABD cash.

If a case has been both underpaid and overpaid over a period of time, subtract the amount of the underpayment from the amount of the overpayment. When the amount of the underpayment is greater than the overpayment, use the remainder as the underpayment amount.