WAG 20-08-11-c: Funds Managed by Facility (Long Term Care)

PM 20-08-11-c.

  1. (Client, Family Member, or Representative) Makes written request for facility to handle resident's funds.
  2. (Facility) Establishes and maintains a separate written record of each resident's account for all clients that wish their funds managed by facility.
  3. (Facility) Cannot mingle facility funds with resident's funds.
  4. (Facility) Records all deposits and withdrawals by date and amount.
  5. (Facility) Retains identifiable receipts for all purchases.
  6. (Facility) Records date when written statement of client's personal funds is provided.
  7. (Facility) Makes record easily accessible to resident.
  8. (Facility) Has separate account for resident's funds if funds are held in group account.
  9. (Facility) Credits account with correct interest.
  10. (Facility) May keep up to $50 ($100 for residents of ICF/MR facilities) in interest-free account or in small cash fund. The account must be easy to access for resident's use.

Room and Board Accounts

  1. (Facility) Maintains ledger that shows:
    • date, amount, and nature of all charges made against account;
    • amount and source of all income received, including from HFS, Social Security, etc.;
    • admission and discharge dates; and
    • level of care and effective evaluation date.
  2. (Facility) Keeps written room and board account record for at least 3 years.
  3. (FCRC) Give client only one asset disregard, even if there is a room and board account and a personal funds account.
  4. (FCRC) Review the room and board account:
    • at initial eligibility decision,
    • at REDE, and
    • when a lump sum payment is reported.
  5. (FCRC) Use any excess room and board funds in the monthly credit or spenddown calculation.