WAG 25-08-02-a: AABD Cash Approvals

Before approving, complete an ANQR inquiry for each person listed on the application. If there is a matching record, complete an ACID inquiry for each matched case number. If anyone is included or had been included in a Cash, Medical, or SNAP Only case in the past 2 years, get the RIN from the ACID inquiry and enter it in Item 60.

(EW) To approve a pending application in IPACS, complete the Form 552 used to register the application or complete a blank Form 552:

  • Item 1 - Enter the complete case ID number. If there is a double entry due to a transfer of the application before approval, erase the bottom entry (number assigned by the sending local office).
  • Item 2 - Enter the 6-digit effective month, day, and year that identifies the first date of eligibility for cash (first day of the period covered by the IPE). The IPE period begins the 30th day after the date of application.
  • When no IPE is issued, enter the 4-digit effective month and year of the first regular roll month that can be met.
  • If the Family Community Resource Center authorize's cash benefits more than 30 days after the date of application, the system automatically authorizes benefits effective for the 30th day after the date of application.
  • Item 3 - Enter TA 11 or 12.
  • Item 4 - Enter 1.
  • Items 5 & 6 - Complete.
  • Items 8-22 - Complete as required.
  • Item 23 - If SNAP benefits are authorized via this Form 552, enter the number of eligible SNAP unit members. Otherwise enter the actual number of persons eating together.
  • Items 24 & 29 - Complete as required.
  • Item 33 - Enter the TAR for opening the case.
  • Item 35 - Complete if required.
  • Item 39 - Enter 90. (See WAG 17-02-00 for a complete Item 39 coding description.)
  • REMARKS - If the applicant previously received benefits under a different case ID number, enter the former case ID number in REMARKS, and the RIN in Item 60. If the applicant received benefits under more than one former case ID number, enter all former case ID numbers.
  • new textItem 53 - Enter the county of residence. The county of residence is the 3 digit code corresponding to the office number of the FCRC located in the household's county of residence.
  • Item 60 - Enter the RIN before the SSN and the last name of the client or RPY who has been assigned an RIN.
  • Enter the first name of the client or the RPY immediately below the RIN, if entered.
  • Enter Medicare Insurance and QMB/SLIB information, as it applies.
  • Items 61-68 & 70-73 - Complete if required.
  • Item 74 - Complete.
  • Item 75 - Complete if required.
  • Item 77 - Enter the first day of the earliest month continued eligibility exists within the 3-month period before the month of application. If the application date is 05/22/98, enter 05-01-98, or 04-01-98, or 03-01-98, or 02-01-98. Do not use Item 77 to backdate for any non-continuous month.
  • A Notice of Decision on Application for Cash, Medical and/or SNAP (Form 360C) is centrally mailed if medical is backdated for the full 3 months before the month of application and Item 39 is coded 00.
  • If the beginning medical eligibility date is not the first day of the 3rd month before the month of application, and Item 39 is not coded 90, the entry does not process. Review the case file to determine if Section *A** of the Notice of Decision on Application for Cash, Medical and/or SNAP-Local (Form 360D) should be sent locally, or the beginning medical date in Item 77 changed.
  • If medical is authorized for non-continuous months, enter in Item 77 the first day of the first month of continuous medical eligibility. To authorize medical for a non-continuous month(s), send a Request for Correction/Addition to MMIS Medical Eligibility File (Form 2958) to the Exception Processing Unit, Springfield.
  • Items 78 & 79 - Complete.
  • Item 80 - Enter any regular monthly needs to be authorized. In addition, for exception to central prorating, enter Needs Code 100 and the prorated amount. (This code does not appear on the Form 552 returned to the Family Community Resource Center.)
  • When entering code 117, if the number of persons in Item 23 is less than the actual number of persons eating together, enter code 16 in the PERSONS column, and enter the individual Personal Allowances Codes, 101, 102, 103, and 104. Otherwise enter the proper code in the PERSONS column.
  • Item 90 - Enter any monthly income to be budgeted.
  • Item 91 - Complete as needed.

Initial Prorated Entitlement (IPE)

To provide needs before the first regular roll benefits and to continue needs on the regular roll, authorize the initial prorate action and the regular roll action on one blank Form 552. The system determines the amount of the regular monthly benefit, and the IPE, unless an exception to central prorating is indicated.

For examples showing the steps used when processing an IPE as part of the regular roll approval, see WAG 17-02-02-b.

Central Proration

The system centrally computes the IPE when the Family Community Resource Center uses a 6-digit approval date, and does not authorize an exception to central prorate (code 100 in Item 80).

The IPE period is centrally computed based on the 6-digit approval date entered in Item 2, the entries in Items 74, 80, and 90, and the total needs amount. The ending date of the prorate period is the last day of the calendar month before the first regular roll calendar month.

Exception to Central Proration

The intake worker computes the amount of the IPE when:

  • income/deductions are applied to the IPE that are not deducted from the regular monthly benefit, or
  • income/deductions not applied to the IPE period are deducted from the regular monthly benefit, or
  • needs are included in the IPE period which are not continued in the regular monthly, or
  • needs not included in the IPE period are included in the regular monthly benefit, or
  • a disbursing order is issued for food and/or rent that must be deducted from the IPE, or
  • reinstating a case canceled due to SSA's finding of not blind or disabled and retroactive benefits are issued to the month/year of cancellation, or
  • the IPE period is for more than 60 days.

On the regular roll approval, enter Item 80 code 100 and the total amount of the IPE.