PM 20-02-02: People in Jail

WAG 20-02-02

HFS pays some medical expenses for a person in jail. To be eligible for this program, the person must meet 3 requirements:

  • They were arrested by a police officer of a local government.
  • They have not been tried, convicted, or sentenced.
  • Before arrest they were receiving benefits or were determined eligible for benefits.

HFS does not pay for the first Revised text$500 spent for medical care for a jailed person for each arrest. That is paid for by the local government. HFS pays for some medical expenses above $500 if:

  • the medical services were given between the time the person was arrested and the time of conviction, entry of a guilty plea, or release; and
  • the type of medical services are covered by the medical program; and
  • the medical services were given by providers enrolled in the medical program.

New textHospital and professional services rendered during the hospital stay are not counted toward the $500 threshold.