WAG 25-07-07-a: AABD and TANF Cases

When there is a change that affects the amount of ongoing benefits, make the change on the regular roll. If the unit is eligible for increased benefits before the regular roll change, issue mercury benefits (see WAG 25-07-08-a).

(FCRC) To make regular roll changes, complete the current Form 552.

  • Item 2 - Enter the effective month and year (4 digits).
  • Item 3 - Enter TA 31.
  • Item 4 - Enter 1.
  • Items 5,6, & 8-10 - Complete.
  • Item 33 - Enter TAR that describes the reason for the change. (See WAG 27-33-01-f for TANF, or WAG 27-33-02-f for AABD, text deleted or WAG 27-33-04-d for SNAP.)
  • Item 39 - Enter the correct customer notice code for the case situation (see WAG 27-39-02).
  • Item 44 - Complete.
  • Item 80 - Complete if affected by the change.
  • Item 90 - Complete if affected by the change.
  • Item 91 - Complete if required.

(System) Sends a notice of change if the change results in a reduction of benefits. If a locally issued notice is needed, see WAG 01-06-00 for the correct forms and time periods for sending the forms.

(FCRC) If the customer appeals, see WAG 01-07-00 for instructions.